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4 Vegan Bags Created with Compassion

1. Sans Beast - Chipmunk Archive Tote

Sans Beast is a collection that uses no animal products. Created by Cathryn Wills, formerly Managing and Creative Director at Australian accessories brand, MIMCO.  After living and breathing the world of leather handbags for over a decade, Wills adopted a vegetarian diet in mid 2015 and  progressively recognised a disconnect between her professional role and her ethical stance on animal welfare and the environment.

"We believe there is a need for more choice in the quality fashion space - an alternative to products derived from animals – well made pieces…collectible, functional, affordable and designed with love."

In the spirit of the 'from little things, big things grow' ethos, the company has committed to donating all gross profits from the sale of their spirit animal bag charms, to Edgar's Mission farm sanctuary.  It's a small but committed start to ensuring this brand walks its talk & gives back to the beasts.

The Chipmunk Archive Tote is available for purchase on their website here.



Founded in 2007 by Tarek Al-Azbat and headquartered in Toronto’s fashion district, Nella Bella is fashion and functionality in one: classic reinvented. Nella Bella is a Canadian brand of handbags and accessories that utilize vegan fabrics to create beautiful, trend setting, high quality collections that accentuate an individual’s sense of style. Nella Bella creates a wide variety of handbags and accessories that effortlessly cater to both the sophisticated and the casual.

Nella Bella is proud of their high standards and practices:

  • NB is a vegan brand—no animals harmed and we are 100% cruelty free

  • NB is Peta Approved

  • NB only uses PU (polyurethane) coating, never PVC, as it can be environmentally harmful

  • NB uses the best hardware on all items including like YKK zippers and Brushed Nickel Hardware

  • NB believes in upcycling—all excess materials from production are turned around and used to produce useful items like coin pouches or mini wristlets

The HOLLY is our smart zipped carry all tote. Not too big and not too small it’s the perfect size to carry what you need for the everyday. It has a huge front pocket that is a sweet solution for the items that you constantly reaching for like your cell phone, keys, ID or wallet. This handbag is designed to be hassle free easy to use daily tote. We really think you will LOVE IT! It also comes with a removable and adjustable strap for hands free carry. Available for purchase here.


3. 'VIVERE' Blue Bag by Setton Brothers

Because of our commitment to a full vegan line of products, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to provide products made from quality leather alternatives.

Through careful partnerships with like-minded manufacturers, we source gorgeous materials and hardware from around the world.

Our collections are characterized by meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship that make all the difference.

We are a vegetarian company committed to operate a business that respects the planet as well as the people and animals on it.

We believe that no animal should give their life for the sake of fashion. Most people are led to believe that leather is a byproduct of the meat industry, that it’s simply a "leftover," and if we don’t use it, it will go to waste. This is a common misconception. The truth is that leather is not a byproduct of meat and is not produced in an effort to minimize waste. In fact, much of the leather sold comes from animals killed primarily for their skins, and is produced because it is a highly profitable and lucrative business.

A cow’s skin is approximately 10% of her total value, making it the most profitable part of her body. Surprisingly, leather actually makes the meat industry more sustainable, as use of animals skins makes raising animals more profitable than meat alone could.

For every SettonBrothers Bag you purchase, a school bag will be donated to underprivileged children in our hometown of Argentina.

There are 7 million kids who come from families struggling with extreme poverty, putting tremendous pressure on children and making it so much harder for them to take advantage of the school system. Getting school supplies can make all the difference in the world to their future success.

According to Unicef in Argentina, 51.800 elementary aged kids don't attend and from those that do attend, 877.939 are at risk of abandoning it. 470.595 high school aged kids don't attend and 1.476.132 kids attending high school are in risk of abandoning it.

Available for purchase here.


4. De Pijp by Osier

We're a creative, independent brand living for sustainable, timeless and ethical design. All of our products are designed and hand manufactured in Europe with the finest vegan materials. We are different. We are constantly exploring innovative ways to remain ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly. Our values care for both our animals and our planet as we pave the footsteps towards our future.

Our chic and classic capsule collections blend effortlessly into your wardrobe. We have your everyday needs covered, with a luxury finish and full of compassion. Dress OSIER up or down, we are flexible - we want you to love our bags as much as we love making them!

We get inspired by nature every day, that’s why we strive to use materials that don’t harm any animals or our planet. We use various vegan leathers in our production, the scientific terms are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride). PU is less harmful for the environment than PVC and its use is definitely preferred, whenever possible.

Available for purchase here.

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