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Fall Favourites

As far as fall fashion is concerned we love how things are heating up (even as they're cooling down) this season! Here are a few of our fav vegan inspired items this month. Check out the entrepreneurs and brands behind these compassionate creations!



These super cute hoop earrings are from Mishakaudi a bohemian inspired brand from Spokane , Washington. These 1.25'' diameter hoops are gold plated and super elegant! You can purchase online here or visit their website for more info and options!

Who doesn't love a beautiful bracelet that just so happens to promote a compassionate message? This trio was found on etsy on the Ottawa Valley Vegan shop and as a set they simply are too cute! Handmade and hand pressed, these totally unique textured bangles are made of brass and tarnish resistant.



End Speciesism and help others make the connection by sporting this fab t-shirt designed and created by The Activist Project. Simple white on black messaging means it's legible and easy for most passer's by to take note. A great conversation starter for the folks who might otherwise be afraid of the 'v' word but are curious about what speciesism is.

Love them all! Of course we do! Art meets compassionate fashion in this simple tee designed by Veganized World. Encourage people to make the connection every-where you go - why love one but eat the other? All animals deserve love.

Don't be afraid of shouting it to the rooftops - be 'vegan AF' in this styled long-sleeve by VibeTees on etsy! Wear it off the shoulder or with a scarf for a casual yet comfortable look that's perfect for the fall weather!

Take a peek at the Ella enchanted mini skirt by the Helpful Vegan - it's too cute to pass up! The wrap-around look makes for a comfortable layering piece and adjusts to any body shape.

Snap to it and snag one of these pretty poppin' skirts from FreePeople. Available in two colours: Sienna or chestnut this stylish lined skirt is perfect for fall! Full snap button closure up the front and two pockets make for a cute yet practical addition to any wardrobe.

Whether you're wearing them to a local protest or going for an autumn hike - these black booties from Yellow Shoes are lightweight and stylish and perfect for any occasion. Manmade microfibres mean no animals were harmed in the making of this shoe and a memory foam cushioning on the insole naturally contours feet for all-day comfort and support so you can focus on what matters - the animals!

Now that it's time to ditch the sandals and start covering up those toes we might as well put our best foot forward. These Cora boots from Novacas give us the best of both worlds - stylish yet secured. Check out the selection on the MooShoes website for more options.

The Love Life Live Vegan scarf is a unique piece created by Studio Shim in London, Ontario. Their scarves are created to mimic the fluid drape of a silk scarf without the unnecessary exploitiation in their materials. The hand drawn design is printed in Canada and a portion of this collection goes to helping the London Vegan Food Bank. Available for purchase on their website here.

This dark heather toque from Animal Justice is not only stylish but serves a greater purpose as well. Animal Justice is leading the legal fight for animals in Canada. Their teams of lawyers work to pass strong new animal protection legislation, push for the prosecution of animal abusers, and fight for animals in court. By supporting their efforts, you're supporting the animals of Canada too.



Simply Plant Food are a mother and daughter duo dedicated to sustainable fashion. They create vegan cork bracelets, wallets and other accessories! Cork is an Eco-friendly material that is naturally water and stain resistant. Check out their full selection of items on their website.

This adorable and simple black backpack from Pixie Mood is perfect for on the go in all weather. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Pixie Mood is an vegan-friendly accessories brand launched in 2010. Their team strives to provide cruelty-free accessories to those who love animals. All products are made with vegan materials ensuring nothing is harmed in making the products.

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