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Brand Spotlight: Peace People Project

For the first official V. spotlight I would like to highlight a company owned and operated by my friend and fellow animal rights activist Tosha Lobsinger. Tosha is an all-around badass who has been speaking up for animals in the community since before I can remember! The Peace People Project was born out of a deep love for our world and a yearning for peace for all beings. Between adventures and activism, Tosha now frequently visits local thrift shops to source previously-loved pieces of clothing to create apparel to advocate for a better world without harming it in the process.

All of Tosha's apparel is 100% thrifted - meaning each piece is totally unique and selected just for you! Her catchy and memorable slogans are aimed at helping others make the connection to the living beings we choose to put on our plates. Often seen at VegFests or local vegan shops, her t-shirts, hats and other selections almost always sell out fast since no two are exactly alike.

"Peace People Project is a commitment to spreading a message of peace for all beings. It's a celebration of the ethical, intersectional, zero-waste vegans and activists of the world. Peace People Project aims to build community and strengthen the movement through social, educational and outreach events. " - from their fb page.

We love the Peace People Project because it is a conscious clothing line with messages to invoke mindfulness and to shift perspectives. Each item helps plant vegan seeds of compassion not just to other animals but to the humans we share the planet with as well. The clothes are pre-loved so they're already comfortably worn-in - even the schnazzy denim pieces.

All pieces are second hand (for the earth!) & are printed with plant ingredients (for the animals!).

Tosha also has a variety of pins and magnets available to go with her apparel pieces - eat plants and plant seeds with each little message!

But even with all that, the most amazing asset of Tosha and the Peace People Project might be the fact that it gives back so much. Tosha has committed to donating 50% of all profits to farm sanctuaries making this clothing initiative truly compassionate and dedicated to giving back to the community.

Please take a moment to check out The Peace People Project website and give them a 'like' on Facebook to stay in the loop about what's next for this company!




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